Stan Lee : Superheroes ? In New York ? Give me a break !”


Before going to see Avengers : Age of Ultron, I re-watched
with my friend the first movie from 2012, simply titled
The Avengers, and I was literally jumping on my seat at the
awesomeness… Especially because I couldn’t stop thinking
about the second movie, and since this one was already epic,
my brain couldn’t even fathom how the next one would be like…

The team is composed of Captain America mainly : the whole
Avengers thing is him, because he’s obviously the best, the
real hero, and I love him, and have you seen his ass ? omg.
Captain America FTW ! Then you’ve got Thor who’s also a sexy
beast, I don’t know if MARVEL was trying to make us lose our
minds with this duo, but they succeeded. Iron Man is annoying
and hilarious at the same time, as usual. I’m a big fan of
his robot suit, I have a thing for robots.


My two favorites are Captain America and Thor,
but let’s be honest, Black Widow is just so bomb !


Hulk is looking freaking great ! Smashing things and Loki like
they’re pieces of shit ! Hawkeye, best buddy with Romanoff might
not stand out as much as the others, but I feel like he keeps the
dynamic of the team together. & Black Widow portrayed by the
beautiful Scarlett Johansson got me there like, perfection does
exist and it’s her – it’s just a great casting overall, and the
selection of characters to be featured is also made of good choices.
But to go back to the actual movie, there’s three big scenes in it :

1) Gathering of this awesome team of superheroes together
2) The Helicarrier scene, with Loki seriously shitting up things
3) The big battle scene in New York, with massive
destruction and heart attacks !


The whole crew after they defeated the Chitauri army;
Loki was like “If it’s all the same to you, I’ll have that drink now.”

The big bad in this first Avengers movie is Loki, Thor’s brother.
He’s just a power-crazed maniac, but he’s so much attractive being
the evil guy that they can’t even put him in a normal cell, it has
to be a glass prison where he just stands there being sexy and
waiting for more trouble to come tear the Avengers apart. The
Chitauri army coming from space is scary as hell, but looking so
damn cool. Their spaceships ? Have you seen those things looking
like giant whales, like wtf ??! Too good, I can’t even; brb *dying*

I think the real hero in this one’s got to be Iron Man in all fairness;
dude actually died carrying a bomb through that space hole,
which was an incredible and almost unexpected move from him.
He saved everyone and he also got his teammates eating some
shawarama at the end of all this mess. This movie is more like a
spectacle, it’s real entertainment and fun for all, not just geeks.


I have a crush on Natasha Romanoff…

*Spoiler Alert* though, I don’t care about the negative critics you can
read online, I’m gonna tell you right away what I think of the second
movie, Avengers : Age of Ultron, it’s better than the first
one in my opinion. I already went and saw it twice at the movie
theater and I want to watch it again.