Guys, I literally screamed when I saw the newest Star Wars teaser trailer last week… I lost my mind ! I was in transe, OMG GUYS ! I cannot wait for Episode VII – The Force Awakens, I can’t believe we’re gonna have to chill until December 18, 2015 for it but what a beautiful present will it be to have before Christmas 😀 I am such a Star Wars fangirl, as lots of you already know, I post often things regarding this franchise (check by clicking : here).

It’s my whole geek world basically 🙂 When I was introduced to it by a friend, the first movie he advised me to watch was Star Wars, and it totally blew my mind… I had to have a marathon right away, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen, barely blinking, it was the most amazing sensation ever. I truly connected emotionally to the movies. I am totally going crazy over the release of the next episode in December 2015 ! As Han Solo said it so well “we’re home” yes, all of us Star Wars fans are going home with this new movie; come on y’all, we’re getting back the actors from the original trilogy and of course Chewbacca, UUUUUUR ! AAAARGH !