Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice ! adkwejnbfqkernfgerlq ! aaaaaah ! I’ve been waiting for the trailer for this movie for ages; the release date is planned for March 25, 2016… basically in a year (can I kill myself now or what ?)

Ben Affleck looks up for his role, I can’t wait to see him portray Batman on the big screen, but to be honest I already hate him because my favorite DC superhero is Superman, & they look nothing but friendly in here so… I’m team Superman anyway !

I’m a Jurassic Park fan, but I seriously don’t know what to think of the Jurassic World trailers. The second (as shown above) is obviously the better one yet, and Chris Pratt looks as good as ever, but I have some reserves about it; I’m still excited and can’t wait to see it this June 12, 2015.