my favorite apps

The holiday break is almost over, and classes will start soon,
whether on campus or online; I thought about sharing my top three
favorite and most useful apps, maybe it’ll help some of you guys organize your stuff.


Evernotethe app everyone needs !

It’s an awesome workspace where you can create notebooks to separate various things, upload pictures into notes, keep track of your expenses, manage meetings and travels… but the best is probably that it syncs across all your devices. I got it on iMac, Macbook Pro, iPad and even my iPhone : it’s life saving sometimes. I have so many stuff, this is the app I can’t live without lol

Celtxfor students in scriptwriting

I love it ! You can write entire scripts thanks to it ! From the basic scenario draft to storyboard shots, it has everything to get the pre-production process done. You can even schedule your filming days and keep track of budget. I mean like, it’s perfect especially for lazy people who like having everything in the same place (aka. me) 😛

Wunderlistsuper useful 😀

This is the bomb to make to-do lists, for grocery shopping or any type of errands really. Every time I go to the market I get overwhelmed and basically forget what I came to buy in the first place, but no more of that since I downloaded this app ! I also like to use it for reminders, and set homework due dates.

PS. Yes, Bradley Cooper is my home screen… okay I totally have a crush on him