Fixing Messages bugs on iOS 7.1.2


as i mentioned in an article two days ago (click here to read it), the newest iOS update came with a lot of bugs. i could still deal with most of the issues, but i had lost connection to Messages on both my iPad & iPhone, and that was for me like the end of the world…

i am totally addicted to Messages, that’s how i stay in touch with my friends and so losing it, even for about a day was a catastrophe for me

i was so mad when the connection got lost that i didn’t even try hard enough to fix it on my own. instead i did some basic stupid things that failed of course, and was about to schedule an appointment to a Genius bar, after writing down a long post about my current iOS miseries on this blog; but then i thought to myself : “am i that dumb seriously, that i can’t fix this on my own ?”

the answer is NO. nobody is that dumb lol
and it’s Macintosh, not rocket science

so i sat down, calmly and figured it out. first things first, i had the facts : without no Macbook or iMac, there was no way for me to downgrade the iOS or even upgrade it to the iOS 8 beta : because you need to connect your device for so. and there was all my problem, i needed to fix this through the devices, while keeping the iOS 7.1.2 update


only three options appeared :

1) in settings, turn Messages on / off and see how that goes

2) rebooting the iPhone, by turning it off and on again

3) lastly, the most extreme is to reset the device’s network settings

it’s as simple as that really… but i was so pissed that i reacted lazy. anyway, it worked out all fine. i received a confirmation later, that my devices were connected again. and now i am back to normal, using Messages same as before all this sh*t happened…. in total, i must have been out of it for a couple hours only (so, until i calmed down basically 😑)

well, at least now i know better 😝