iOS 7.1.2 nightmare !


so everybody knows i’m a big Apple fan, i love… what am i saying, “adore” would be more accurate, or even “can’t get enough of Macintosh products” – yep, i’m the Apple kinda girl 😁 yes, yes i own an iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone, iPad, freaking iPod & everything like…. even the Time Capsule 😝

anyway, i would be the last person to criticize anything Apple does, but right now i kind of have to : my babies are in pain since i downloaded the last iOS update; guys DON’T do it if you haven’t yet, the 7.1.2 update is horrific !

Apple please, fix this sh*t ! we need the iOS 8 ASAP !!
can’t wait until fall ! are you crazey, is this serious…

the iOS 8 is supposed to be the world’s most advanced mobile operating system yet, but currently Apple users have to deal with iOS 7.1.2 which is like NO, big fat ass NO !


am totally living the nightmare : i broke my Macbook Pro not a while ago & since i’m on vacation in Serbia i haven’t been to an Apple store to get it fixed. i will, as soon as i’m landing in Paris, i’ll be going straight from the airport to the closest store… nah, am just kidding (or am i ? πŸ˜›)

i’ve got a week of vacation left, and in the meantime i have been working from my iPad mini that i just recently bought, and it’s basically saving my life

EXCEPT the iOS 7.1.2 scr*wed me over ! my apps are closing out of the blue, yes OUT OF THE BLUE. black screen & then back to homepage and if i try or wanna open whatever experienced the bug, well it just won’t

i either have to wait it out, or just drop it. this is impossible, when you’re working like me through iPad & iPhone… my iPhone didn’t even finish the entire update, it kinda just froze in the middle of it, and i couldn’t turn it off or do anything to it

basically, wait until the battery dies & then charge it and turn it on, and complete the update ? which i didn’t do of course, because i know a trick to turn off the iPhone when it bugs – it’s almost like taking a screen shot – but i couldn’t re-update or change my mind, and cancel because it was already installed : even though it had a major bug and paralyzed my iPhone
like how, what ?? talk about awesome ! 😡


but guys, this is not the worst
the worst is Messages, it’s been acting cuckoo for the past weeks and now i’ve lost the connection on both my iPhone & iPad. the easy way to fix this is of course, through Macbook or iMac, that i’m currently out of ’cause on vacation etc…

am actually scared every time i’m working on something it won’t save, or the app i’m using will close and i will lose my project. like, this post that i’m writing for about 15 minutes already *finger-crossed it goes okay*

Mail didn’t save one of my drafts from two nights ago, i was enraged because i started writing to a friend and was too tired to continue so i saved the e-mail for later. next morning i’m waking up and i’ve got jack sh*t in my draft folder 😰 i didn’t even write or send anything to my friend because of that, i was so mad

there is going to be a big update for Messages, coming with the new iOS 8. which i don’t care at the moment, i might be a little over-reacting concerning the bugs but to me it feels like an apocalypse : like living at the end of the movie “Transcendence” (which was really bad, so i definitively do not recommend to watch it) so you can imagine my torment

seriously what is it Apple ? what is this… we all miss Steve Jobs but you gotta get this thing straight

oh my gosh, i’m super disappointed. and frustrated. and angry πŸ˜• i gotta say, the Apple fangirl in me is not cool with this update, at ALL

i think i’m gonna buy a PC because i’m so pissed, i’m so PISSED
this will be like, my revenge on Apple or something… officially on the hunt for a mini PC laptop. i’ll still keep my Macbook Pro & other Macintosh stuff, but trying out PC could be fun 😊