harley quinn in batman adventures


my macbook being dead (rip to my bf 😭) my life has become super boring; i was 24/7 on it, couldn’t leave anywhere without taking it along ! y’all know i’m mega lazy but seen the circumstances, guess i’m gonna be writing a lot more on my blog, just to pass the time basically πŸ˜’

today i’m kinda reviewing an old comic book from the Batman Adventures series, the famous #12 out in september 1993, which is where Harley Quinn made her first appearance


okay, if you’re a big Batman : The Animated Series fan, you know she made her actual first appearance before that date, in 1992. Timm & Dini made the character for the show, and DC Comics started using her in comic books a year later


this issue was re-titled “Batgirl”, it’s also her debut ! Batman is out of Gotham tracking down the man behind the rockridge heist & the city being left without a Bat, is prone to criminal attacks…


Poison Ivy and her BFF Harley Quinn have plans to kidnap some rich dude’s daughter and ask him for a ransom. but Batgirl gets in the way ! she is not a superhero slash vigilante yet, she came to a costume party wearing a suit exhibiting a bat logo, though starts to mingle with two of the most insanely hot gals in DC Universe


things get even spicier when the feline Catwoman gets ’em all tied up while she tries to steal a diamond. but Poison Ivy out of revenge manages to set free Batgirl who goes after the Cat and gets the diamond back, only to throw it over a building – as a trick !


the diamond is actually safe, and Batgirl succeeded in defeating three super-villains, for a first timer i say she rocked it 😁


8/10 VERY GOOD a blast from the past ! i freaking love reading vintage comic books πŸ˜† it’s always so much fun for me and totally my favorite thing to do for LIFE !

you’ll find me rather sitting at home reading comics, or going to comic cons / comic book shops in hope to find some oldies πŸ˜‹ cause i collect some series πŸ˜„ than doing anything else

what i loved about this issue is that not only we get some Harley Quinn exclusive, but it’s also Batgirl’s introduction and sexy Catwoman & Poison Ivy are in the mix ! was awesome 😍