guardians of the galaxy


yaaaassssss ! went to see Guardians of the Galaxy πŸ˜† excitation level was off the charts ! even though i was sleepy head 😴


i was real tired from my recent travels but i couldn’t miss out on MARVEL’s latest movie πŸ˜„ it was AWESOME ! except the bonus scene, with the Collector guy & the dog and freaking talking duck… like what the hell did i wait all credits to end for


i was at cineplexx usce and got a VIP seat – in the back of the theater but ultra comfy, perfect to enjoy some movie time ! ps. this isn’t a review, just blogging about my experience 😜


as soon as it started we got some sad background on Star-Lord’s life as a kid on Earth, with his momma dying in a hospital and him being abducted by alien mercenaries. he went on living like one as well, stealing and trading things for money until he came across a spherical object that will later turn out to contain one of the six infinity stones. that object is the Orb, and the purple gem it contains is the Power one


Thanos, who appears briefly, wants Ronan the Accuser to get the Orb for him & in exchange he will destroy Xandar. Ronan is a Kree and its worst ennemies are the Xandarians. he trained two of Thanos adoptive daughters as warriors, Nebula and Gamora. but only Nebula remains by his side, while Gamora betrays all to join the Guardians of the Galaxy team with Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Groot & Rocket


the movie soundtrack is great, filled with good 80’s tunes which are meaningful to Star-Lord because his mom made the mixes before she passed away. everyone talks about Groot, but he truly was such an amazing character and saved his friends at the end… it’s also friendship, plus a little alien extra that basically saved the homeworld to the Xandarians

Rocket was really interesting to me, because he went through lot of genetical manipulations and that shaped him, for the way he behaves. lastly Drax…. he’s my favorite on the team, because when he laughed during The Milano ship free fall i was like yaaaasssss ! ahahaha laughing along 😝 but let’s be clear, it’s Nebula who was my crush 😍