the art of dawn mcteigue


just wanted to feature quickly this amazing artist DAWN MCTEIGUE who makes absolutely great illustrations; mostly sexy badass gals 😏 my favorites are her Harley Quinzel ones !


and now some Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Vampirella, Domino and Pincess Leia (from Star Wars) 😁 :


ugh…. ahdgesgavbahava ! grrrrrrr !
i forgot to upload this Batgirl cover & can’t move it where i want, to put it in order ?! because the wordpress app on my iPhone is a killer !! so ya’ll get it here below πŸ˜’


this resumes well my life at the moment without a functional macbook :


yes i know it’s a League of Legends icon 😜 but whatever, with no macbook i feel like the text is as relevant