sideshow collectibles at SDCC


thinking of it hurts SO MUCH my inner geek, but seeing the actual pictures of San Diego Comic Con awesomeness this year, all i want to do is 😭 for missing it & blog about it of course…. 😥

they were at booth #1929 and displayed an amazing set of premium (and normal sized) figurines

IMG_4454.JPGBobba Fett, Han Solo frozen in carbonite and Darth Vader

let’s start with some star wars madness, because…


Clone Trooper wearing a phase II armor, R2-D2 and C3PO

Some DC Comics sexy villains; Catwoman and the toxic Poison Ivy 💚


the always incredibly cool Marvel figurines with Captain America being my favorite from all for obvious reasons 😁; this being my blog i don’t have to be objective & i won’t 😝 most impressive Thor and Iron Man, part of the Avengers superheroes team (want some shawarma ?)


and now some Transformers ! Optimus Prime & Starscream 😏