Comic-Con 2014 : Get ready !

The countdown to the online registration has started !

Comic-Con 2014 : Get ready !

Before I give you “how to” advices for attending the biggest geek convention of the world,
I’m gonna let know those who don’t already : I won’t try to attend this year 😦

My summer is already booked with filming work; sometimes being a filmmaker suck… what am I saying ? Almost always !

Attending Comic-Con step by step :

1 – You need to have a Member ID. If you don’t have one, make sure you sign up ASAP ! The registration starts tomorrow morning, which means in a couple hours ! Feeling the stress yet ? Good, that means you’re in the right mood 😛

Click here for Member ID login or registration

2 – Tomorrow morning, Saturday 15, March at 7am PT begins the EPIC Registration. Those who have a Member ID like me, already received a couple days ago all informations & the Registration Code. If you didn’t receive your Registration Code don’t panic ! Just log in and check the “Registration Info” tab. It’s going to appear as a series of capital letters & numbers. You absolutely need it either way, you will not be able to participate

Oh one more thing… You have to enter your Registration Code some time between 7am and 9am PT. After 9am PT what happens ? Well, too late for attending Comic-Con 2014 ! Will be over & out for you !

Click here to enter your Registration Code on the EPIC landing page
(So I repeat : opens March 15, 2014 at 7am, closes at 9am PT)

3 – What is exactly the EPIC Registration ? It’s a freaking waiting room

The way Comic-Con works is completely random ! The sale for the online badges* begins at 9am PT, but only those in the waiting room can buy them. Except, there is more people in that waiting room than actual badges for sale ! Even though you are an eligible attendee, maybe you won’t be able to purchase your badge online because they’re sold out swiftly

& As I mentioned, EPIC sorts people in the waiting room randomly. Your chances are equal as anyone, no matter what. Once it picked you, you get to your registration session and hopefully there, all the fun begins ! You can buy your badge for one day, or more… It’s up to you, or up to what is left

*Comic-Con as WonderCon doesn’t sell tickets but badges, that you have to pick up at the Convention Center in order to enter the lands of geek madness ! Awesomeness should I say 😉

Good luck to all of those who wish to attend ! Especially to those who are my followers : may the Force be with you !