What’s a Gerk ?


What's a Gerk ?Picture : The Big Bang Theory cast

Recently heard in the geek sphere the word of Gerk… but what’s a Gerk ?

Most of us are already familiar with what Nerd, Geek and Dork mean. Quick explanation for those who aren’t;

Nerds are witty, asocial, self-sufficient & mostly obsessed with computer-related things. Knowledge is their advantage, they love learning, not so much sharing what they know except if it’s through complicated commentaries. They focus on science topics.

Geeks are a lot like Nerds except they lack the intelligence. You’ll find them really into science-fiction, but on the contrary to Nerds they are super sociable. They’ll participate as much as possible to comic book conventions, go to movie premieres, dress in cosplay sometimes… They’re also known to be collectors.

Dorks are usually considered as the uncool. They’re the ones getting the most bullied, they’re minus the IQ and sociable skills, but their interests are the same. They are gamers, mostly faithful comic book readers and geek news followers.

Gerk is this new association of Geek + Nerd + Dork, which would mean Gerks are smart and friendly and also into dork stuff ?! Such as Lego, Star Wars and what not… Which I personally find pretty awesome ! I’ve never met a Gerk, and I sure as hell hope I will find out that this ain’t some geeky urban legend & they do exists (I would report “live” for you guys ! So if you’re one of them, shout it out !)

& Whether you’re a Dork, Geek, Nerd or even a Gerk… or none of those ! I still love y’all !

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