Green Lantern : New Guardians #25 Review

Green Lantern : New Guardians #25
All Tomorrow’s Parties

GL NG #25 pic

Ever since Kyle Rayner’s team assembling a lantern from each corps was dismantled, the story lost what made me like it at first. Bringing together superheroes to fight for a common cause, despite some considering their mates as ennemies, is something I love reading in comic books.
Suddenly Kyle becomes a white lantern and defeats the Guardians, which was the purpose of this whole new series. That being done, everyone leaves to go their way. Now he’s teamed up with Carol Ferris the Star Sapphire aka. Hal Jordan’s ex-girlfriend, and the weird hippie New Guardians.

This issue follows the ending of the “Lights Out” crossover, where Kyle dies… I’m probably not the only one who didn’t believe it. Kyle has become such an interesting character, I was sure he was gonna come back to life in #25. It was no surprise, what was is that I enjoyed reading this.
They’re on planet Exuras, which is considered as a paradise. Except, every place has it’s hidden dirty secret. Kyle’s mission given from the New Guardians themselves, is to find out what it is; and what he finds is worthy of a proper science fiction plot.

The artwork of the planet is quite interesting, since everything is connected and reacting like molecules would, because the surface is covered of an “intelligent structure” which can even intercept impacts. I still think they could have done more graphically speaking, they had the possibility to exploit Exuras morphology essential idea. The story caught my attention because it’s Kyle’s first stop in exploring the Universe, at the search of a world that can function without a lantern corps. It’s different from the previous storylines we were used to, and enjoyably refreshing.

7/10 GOOD
Haven’t enjoyed reading a Green Lantern : New Guardians
this much since Kyle became a white lantern.
Can’t wait to read the next issue, out on DECEMBER 18, 2013.