My favorite Facebook pages

Check out some of my favorite Facebook pages 🙂

My favorite Facebook pages

DC Comics

I’m a huge comic book addict ! DC Universe is probably taking like 2/3 of my collection. Superman and Green
are my main thing, but I like Batman storylines as well, especially when it involves the Joker.

My favorite Facebook pages


In my opinion when it comes to making movies, TV series and merchandise, they’re the best. They also happen to have the greatest superhero ever : I’m naming Captain America ! &I don’t give a damn if you don’t agree, he’s my absolute crush.

My favorite Facebook pages

I fucking love science

Updated very often, it goes from funny science facts to more serious ones. They’re also leaking news.

My favorite Facebook pages

Dark Matter

I’m a sucker for science ! Especially when it’s about what’s going on up there, in the Universe – you don’t say !
Since I’m an Astrophysics student 😛 makes sense. They got stunning photographs.

My favorite Facebook pages

Return of the Jedi long lost Edit Droid Laserdisc Discovered

Any Star Wars fans ? Must be ! A friend sent me an invite to this awesome page. Videos available of the
30 minutes of Return of the Jedi lost footage. There’s also some related news.